Referral Program- Get free stuff!

Every time you place an order with me you get one of my business cards. They’re cute. I’m pretty proud of them. But did you know they contain the easiest way to get a free gift from me?

On the back of the biz card if my referral program. You (my already established customer) write your name on the line, pass the card along to a friend who loves makeup or a stranger in the grocery line who says “wow I love your lipstick!”, they place an order and text me a picture of the biz card, they get free shipping and you get a free gift! EASY!


So make sure you keep these cards somewhere safe. Stick them in your wallet, your purse, your pocket, your husband’s pocket, wherever. But next time you’re waiting to pick up your kid from school or your waiting for the bus to get home from work and someone says “that lipstick is awesome! love that color on you” hand them a card and tell them to check me out =D

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