Disney Excitement- D23 Announcements

One of my best friends was at D23 yesterday. I was too jealous to text her about it, but I did sit on my couch and devour every post that Inside The Magic shared on Facebook. Between new attractions, new movies and new resorts, I am so full of Disney Excitement it’s hard to contain.

When my husband, Alex, and I were on our honeymoon in Disney World in May we bought into the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). It might be a little tight around here money wise, but it was 100% the right decision for us. And with the new DVC resort announcement yesterday I’m even more sure that we bought in at just the right time. I mean, look at this beauty! With a roof top restaurant, views of both Hollywood Studios and Epcot, and access to the new Skyway transportation system, I can’t wait for Fall of 2019 so we can check it out!

new dvc.jpg

Alex is a huge Marvel fan. Huge may be an understatement. Specifically he loves Spider-man (while Captain America will always have my heart). So when D23 shared the new immersive Marvel park news we were both jumping for joy. Spider-man and The Avengers to join Guardians of the Galaxy? Sign us up!

While I’m not a huge fan of all the Disney live-action remakes of classic movies, I am pretty excited about some of the movie announcements. Did you see the trailer for A Wrinkle in Time? The cast looks incredible! How about the casting of Aladdin and Jasmine? Thank you, Disney, for not white-washing that cast. Incredibles 2? FINALLY! Mary Poppins Returns? Emily Blunt is going to be perfect for the role of Mary Poppins! So as long as I can get past a live-action Dumbo and a live-action Lion King, I think I’m going to be impressed with the Disney movies coming down the pike.

Which announcement are you most excited about? Which has you upset? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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