Book Review- Once & For All by Dessen

Sarah Dessen. She has been my favorite author since I was 13. Every new book brings back so many fabulous memories of old books, of summers spent reading and re-reading her books, of the unusual places I’ve been while reading her books (think boy scout camp, airplanes and tea shops).


Once & For All did not disappoint. Louna, the main character, works for her mother’s wedding planning business. Considering I just got married in April, I think I enjoyed this more than I otherwise would have. Every time there was a crazy bride, or a hiccup in a reception, all I could think about was my own wedding and how fabulously perfect it was. So wonderful timing, Sarah Dessen. Thanks for that ❤

Ambrose, who, if you’ve ever read another Sarah Dessen book (or maybe any YA romance) before, you realize from his first appearance will be the love interest, is charming and works really hard to win Louna, and the reader, over. Wes from Dessen’s book The Truth About Forever will always have my heart, but Ambrose is a close, close second.

As always, the characters are well developed and easy to be invested in. The summer before college setting is Dessen’s norm, but never feels repetitive.

How many true loves do you get? How many perfect walks into the sunset? Louna is convinced you only get one, and she’s already had hers. Getting back out there and trying to find another one seems pointless, until she makes a bet with Ambrose. Between working weddings and trying to date as many people as she can, the summer takes on some crazy twists and turns. And the reader slowly discovers all the details about Louna’s first true love, and why it ended so abruptly.  Louna learns that while another love may not top the first, it can be just as perfect in it’s own way.

Just go to the library and grab this book. You won’t be disappointed.

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